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Our core team consists of passionate  industry experts who are leaders in their field.


Our team of actuaries ensure that our calculation methodologies and assumptions used are in-line with best practice, the latest industry research and are up to date. They are specialists in interpreting legal, medical and other information. Our reports are all checked by actuarial experts.

Actuarial Liability Analysts

Our team of actuarial liability analysts work closely with the actuarial team, performing calculations and compiling the actuarial reports. They are also given specialist training in interpreting legal, medical and other relevant information.
Rowan Haarhof

Rowan Haarhoff

B.A. LLB (UCT), B.Th. (UP),
Lic.Th. (CTBS)

Business Manager

Rowan Haarhoff is an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa (since 1998) with a history in personal injury litigation and is a trained mediator. He has also worked and provided leadership across a wide range of sectors from non-profit to small-business development and the financial services industry.
As Business Manager, his approach to leading the business is to ensure that the people in the business are growing and equipped to meet the needs of our clients while also ensuring that the strategic direction, business systems and products are all geared to providing a premium service in an industry that is constantly changing.

Julie Valentini

M. Sc. (Actuarial Science)
Julie received her master’s degree in actuarial science in 1998 from the University of Witwatersrand, which was a culmination of a lifelong interest in mathematics and statistics. After a year’s stint lecturing, she went on to qualify professionally as an actuary whilst working at Old Mutual. She was seconded to Old Mutual UK to help establish Selestia (Old Mutual’s UK Life business), and then returned to manage Retail Risk Product Development for Old Mutual SA. In 2012, after taking some time off to raise her sons, Julie joined Munro Forensic Actuaries, bringing her expertise and professionalism to become one of the leading actuaries.
Julie explains the role of an actuary as someone who quantifies the financial impact of risk and, importantly, finds solutions for them. The complex and dynamic nature of risk means that her roles have never lacked diversity, and she is always looking to apply actuarial thinking in her role as a leader.
Outside of her busy work schedule you will find Julie spending time with her two teenage boys and husband, walking on the beach, playing the piano or getting stuck into a good book.

Charl du Plessis

B.Com. Hons. (Actuarial Science)
SAMLA Registered Medico-Legal Practitioner
Charl du Plessis has been an integral part of the Munro Forensic Actuaries team as an actuary for over eight years. Having graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2001, with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Actuarial Science, he initially started his career at Old Mutual before setting off on an around the world trip. His international travels changed his perspective and challenged his view on many aspects of life one often takes for granted. Charl also spent just over a year as an actuary working in London, at an international company, before moving to Munro Forensic Actuaries.
Charl has established himself as an expert in damages work and is a member of the Damages Committee at The Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA), he is also a registered Medico-Legal Practitioner with the South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA) .  Charl believes that the actuarial world is an exciting place to be, having evolved over the past 20 years, moving away from traditional investments, pensions, life and health insurance. It has embraced new fields such as healthcare, banking, enterprise risk management and derivatives, providing more options for the new generation of actuaries. He also sees opportunities in the future for further integration into other specialist fields such as artificial intelligence and robotics, big data analysis and systems programming.
A field close to Charl’s heart is environmental sustainability. As someone who loves the outdoors and the ocean, Charl spends his spare time out in nature and in the water surfing.

Willem Boshoff

B.Com (Actuarial Science)
SAMLA Registered Medico-Legal Practitioner
Willem Boshoff graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Science from the University of Pretoria in 1999 and became a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 2007.  Willem initially started and spent over a decade in the corporate insurance business in South Africa.  He joined Munro Forensic Actuaries in 2013, because of the value they place on work-life balance and their focus on building a healthy and successful work culture.
Willem is able to connect in a meaningful way with clients facing challenging circumstances. He sees his role as more than just the science of numbers and calculations, but about passion and purpose. He describes actuaries as those who can deal with complexity and connect the dots for their clients. Willem is a registered Medico-Legal practitioner with the South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA).
Willem is an outdoor and adventure sports enthusiast who enjoys hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. He is also involved in conservation and education initiatives.

Supporting the Business Manager is a diverse and dynamic group of staff trained in client service excellence.

These roles include:


Our in-house legal department is available to consult with clients on both the legal and actuarial elements of the different types of loss calculations within personal injury law. This includes loss of income and support calculations, future medical costs, and maintenance calculations.


Client Service Consultants

Our client service specialists are committed to providing an extraordinary client experience through efficient, friendly service.



Our finance department currently offers debtors, creditors and financial reporting services by creating and implementing systems and processes of the highest standard through consistent, timely and efficient service.


IT Infrastructure

Our IT team implements customised software solutions to facilitate specific sales, operations and finance processes. Our adoption and implementation of technology is aligned with strategic company objectives and incorporate the core values on which Munro Forensic Actuaries is founded.


Marketing Solutions

Our Marketing Department supports our team in the
areas of creative branding solutions, digital campaigns and
event management.


Human Capital

Our products and services require specialist skills and top talent. With this in mind, our human resources team recruits, retains, supports and develops an outstanding team at Munro Forensic Actuaries.


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