For purpose of clarity Munro Forensic Actuaries ("MFA") hereby formalizes the tacit agreement which has always been applicable between MFA and its clients.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before making use of MFA. Your access to and use of the service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

By utilising the services of MFA, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. MFA delivers a Specialised Actuarial Service, which service may include but is not limited to, drafting, consultation and expert-testimony while assisting its client to bring their project/matters to finalization.

2. All services are charged on a per product basis which may include an hourly rate and excludes pages of perusal, urgency and future medical cost, should you need them calculated. Tariffs may be requested from the Sales department.

3. All tax invoices are due and payable immediately on presentation of a final invoice.

4. In the event of the client being an attorney, the following terms and conditions will apply:
 4.1 The instructing attorney is MFA's client and is responsible for payment of the fee associated with the service provided by MFA in respect of each matter;
 4.2 MFA accepts that the instructing attorney is providing an undertaking for payment of all fees on the conclusion of the matter and the payment of the capital award by the RAF;
 4.3 MFA reserves the right to exclude such an undertaking at any time for any reason at which point all outstanding invoices in the matter will become due and payable immediately on representation of final invoice;
4.4 Conclusion of litigation refers to:
   4.4.1 Full and partial settlement and payment of the capital award by the RAF;
   4.4.2 Final judgement and payment of the capital award by the RAF;
   4.4.3 The lapse of five years from initial instructions received by MFA.

 4.5 The fee charged for the service of MFA is to be paid in full and is not to be reduced in proportion to the degree of success in the matter or waived, unless expressly agreed thereto in writing.

 4.6 The instructing attorney is obligated to inform MFA of the conclusion of litigation, within 5 days thereof, thus concluding MFA's service in respect of that specific matter.

 4.7 If more than 12 months has elapsed since date of statement of work MFA reserves the right to adjust the final amount to current rates when preparing the final invoice.

5. MFA reserves the right to request payment of a deposit or full settlement of account before providing any service.

6. MFA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate its service to a client, in its entirety, with immediate effect in the event that the client does not adhere to any of the terms and conditions as set out herein.

 6.1 In the event of more than one matter being attended to by MFA on behalf of the client, all outstanding invoices including open matters will immediately become due and payable