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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions we are frequently asked by new clients.

What do your actuaries do?

We calculate the financial impact of losses to assist in the litigation of various claims. We summarise our results into a report, and will testify in court as an expert witness should this be required as part of the litigation process.

How much will my report cost?

Our reports are charged at an hourly rate which excludes pages of perusal, urgency, and any future medical costs should you need them calculated. For a breakdown of our fee structure, and payment terms please feel free to contact us. We've recently developed a cheaper and more efficient option that, through the use of powerful technology, can provide an actuarial report for less than R9 000. Click here to learn more about the Actuarial Calculation.

What documents need to be submitted for Loss of Earnings or Support claims?

For a loss of earnings report, we require either an Industrial Psychologist’s report or a Spear Specialist Earnings report (should you want information on how using a Spear report will benefit you, please contact us). For a loss of support report, we require earnings information for the deceased and surviving spouse (household breadwinners), the ID numbers for all dependants, as well as a death certificate.

Which documents are needed to calculate future medical costs?

We need the doctors' medico-legal reports which set out the medical care and current cost of that care that the claimant will require in the future. We have designed a template to assist you and your experts with presenting key information needed to calculate these costs.

When can I get my report?

Matter dependent, typically our turnaround time is 2-3 working days, should you require your report sooner you may include that in your instruction, and we will be happy to oblige. However, an urgency fee will be applied.

Do you do investigative work?

Unfortunately, we do not. Please refer to our What We Do Page for more information on the services we do provide.

Do you calculate general damages?

While we do not calculate general damages, previous general damages awards may be updated to their current value by adjusting for CPI inflation to date and included in an actuarial report.

Are your actuaries available for consultations/trials?

Yes, they are. We have several actuaries available and with most trials being online and attending via Zoom or Teams, we are ready to answer any of your questions and to provide testimony.

What is Connect?

Connect is Munro Forensic Actuaries' own client portal that allows clients to view and request past reports as well as monitor the status of your reports. The portal will also give you access to invoices and other financial documents. To request an invitation to our portal, click here

What is The Earnings Assistant?

The Earnings Assistant enables Industrial Psychologists to easily convert the narrative of a medico-legal case into a logical basis for calculation. It allows for the accurate comparison of different income streams and fringe benefits from various monetary periods, and provides a concise visual summary of the findings, acting as a ‘logic-check’. The visual overview provides a holistic guideline on the claimant’s career trajectories, which can assist legal parties in pinpointing areas for negotiating contingencies (up or down).

What is the Actuarial Calculation?

The Actuarial Calculation is a cost-effective, more efficient actuarial report designed for the uncomplicated cases which do not require advanced actuarial insight. It relies on attorneys and Industrial Psychologists entering their instruction and earnings summary into a digital platform and employs powerful technology to automate parts of the process.

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