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Giving Back

The Kamvalethu Foundation enables businesses to positively impact the lives of previously disadvantaged children in South Africa through education.

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The Kamvalethu Foundation

The Kamvalethu (“Our Future”) Foundation is a Munro venture founded, staffed, and funded by those who are a part of Munro. We partner with business and projects who have a desire to advance the quality of children’s education in under resourced areas. Much of our work is currently in the rural Eastern Cape where we partner with schools and NPO’s who work in the area of early childhood development. It is a known fact that a child’s ability to progress successfully through school is directly related to the quality of the education they get from Grade R - Grade 3. While much of the focus in the media is funding for tertiary education, it’s at the ECD level that you get a far better return on your investment. As a company that deals with the future value of money, this is a compelling idea that is worth supporting. If you want to know more about who we are, what we do and how you or your business can get involved please visit the Kamvalethu website.

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Our purpose is to advance the quality of youth education in under-resourced communities.

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We collaborate with businesses to craft their social investment future. Find out how you or your business can get involved.